A Cathodic Protection Engineering Company

The company is actively engaged in Cathodic Protection related comprehensive design and project management services for projects that are typically, cross country pipelines, Complex Plant Underground piping, Onshore and Offshore facilities, City Gas and Water mains, above ground storage tanks, concrete steel structures etc.

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Engineering Matters

Cathodic Protection System engineering demands knowledge for intricate details of Mechanical & Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. The dependency on such competencies is largely due to installation requirements which are always challenging and application of Installation techniques differ for project to project and place to place.

Corrosion Matters continues to demonstrate an acknowledged and accepted approach to all the Engineering related matters while be in CP Construction work, be it retrofitting of Anode system or be it complex hazordus operating Oil and gas installation or be it an Offshore Platform. The extensive knowledge base of Corrosion Matters coupled with vide variety of applications handled by the company gives the distinct advantage over the peers in this business.

MCU Coatings

"MCU" protective coatings are based on a 100% pure polyurethane resin. It is not comparable to traditional 2 component epoxy acrylic PU coatings or paints, which contain only 20% - 30 % pure PU resin.

"MCU" combines durable flexibility with high impact resistance, outstanding abrasion resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. The technology is used to make products like the soles of sport shoes, which will remain flexible and durable for years, as well as heart valves, car interiors.

Bridge structures coated with MCU coatings in harsh marine environments show no visible cracking after more than 23 years of exposure, giving excellent steel corrosion protection.

Design Matters

Corrosion Matters believes in providing sound design and Engineering practices laid down by various International Standards like NACE, BIS, BS, DNV, API etc. etc.

Who Designs Matter

Cathodic Protection Systems design depends essentially on the experience and knowledge of the Individual Engineer addressing the design work. It can be said that Engineers of different background experience profile will address the problem differently. However the key is in detailing. Collecting various field inputs and collating them together will result in effective CP design.

Data Matters

Corrosion Matters has all the requisite experience and testing equipment to conduct pre design surveys, interpret raw empirical data sometimes conflicting factual data to address all the critical areas of concern and present the solution based on optimum requirement of clients.

ISO Systems Matter

Corrosion Matters is an ISO 9000 company has all the quality systems in place and this enables the right approach to be adopted for designing complex time bound projects.

IT Skills Matter

The technical team is equipped with Modern computer Software tools for representation and for plotting complex equipment geometries. Company has in house facilities to meet all the perceived requirements of the Design and Engineering projects.